Hey there! I’m Coach Christi and

I’m so glad you found me!!

While reaching out for help is a tough decision, deciding on the right coach can definitely be a challenge since there are so many out there advertising crazy instant results at crazy expensive price points. Life coaches are not one size fits all, nor are the results always predictable and immediate. However, if you choose the right coach and are ready to dig deep and implement change, there is no doubt that your results will be amazing.

I believe you are the expert in your own life. Why do I think that?

The Bible tells us in 2 Peter 1:3, that “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”

I want to help you unlock that knowledge and understanding and give you the tools you need to lead a fulfilling, purposeful, and successful life.

Who is Coach Christi?

Me! I’m Christi. I’m a Christ-follower. I’m a wife of 25 years and our 3 kids call me Mom, lovingly, of course! Ha!  I’m a Mom-preneur and CEO of 3 faith-based blogs, author of Your Marriage Retreat: 7 Date Nights to a Thriving Marriage e-book (with more in the works), and a Life and Relationship Coach.

My Professional Experience

I have a Master of Family Therapy from Mercer University School of Medicine, and I am a Prepare-Enrich facilitator. Up until February 2018, I was credentialed in the state of Georgia as a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and had an office in a local faith-based, private practice counseling center associated with my church. From the center’s inception, I began as the director’s administrative assistant while I obtained my degrees and then transitioned as a counseling intern, and finally as a full-time therapist counseling individuals, couples, and families.

During my time there, I have had well over 2500 client appointments and have worked with people coping with a variety of life and relationship challenges, life transitions, grief, and mental illness struggles.

By mid-2017, as I had gotten comfortable with my counseling style and personality, and I recognized that the best professional fit for me is coaching rather than counseling. I absolutely love getting to see people overcome and change their lives for good. It’s absolutely amazing! And one other thing I realized. I wanted to have my own business and work from my home so that I could be accessible to my husband and kids, who I had deeply missed after all of the grueling years of full-time school and a full-time job, and super early mornings, and super-late evenings. Believe me when I say that I know the feeling of coming home after the kids are in bed all too well. If that’s you right now, I’ve been there too! I say all of that to say that this had to change for my mental health, and the health of my family too.

After a whole lot of prayer, I made the heart-wrenching, but exciting decision to let go of my state license and transition to the fabulous world of virtual coaching. Because of this change, my borders have expanded. I’m not limited to working with clients in my hometown anymore!

Christi Hurst
Life and Relationship Coach Christi Hurst

What’s the difference between coaching and counseling?

You may be wondering why coaching and not counseling or therapy? And that is a fantastic wonder that I want to make very clear.

Counseling and therapy treat mental health illnesses, seek diagnosis, and delve deeply into past trauma and other underlying issues. Through working through past struggles, counseling can help you overcome and equip you to move forward and meet your goals now and in your future in an empathetic, non-judgemental environment.

I whole-heartedly believe in the practice of seeking good counsel and therapy to overcome deep-rooted issues. Another important distinction is that in most states counseling and therapy require a Master’s level degree and state licenses and governance, which limits professionals to work with clients within the state of license-issuance. This includes all in-person and long-distance video or audio-based services too.

While still providing non-judgemental support and empathy, coaching primarily seeks to help you overcome present challenges and propels you with the skills to live your best life. Coaches may or may not dip into the past for context, but they don’t stay focused in the past to resolve past hurts and trauma. Coaching also includes accountability and is helpful in teaching healthy skills and coping strategies, but the primary purpose is to help you accomplish your goals.

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