I have great news to tell you!

I have created an awesome DIY book that you need to get you and your spouse working together towards the thriving marriage you desire! It’s called Your Marriage Retreat: 7 Date Nights to a Thriving Marriage!

While it would be fantastic to go to a wonderful marriage retreat in some beautiful serene location and mingle with other couples… oh and pay a ton of money because marriage retreats are very expensive… and then take massive amounts of notes while you’re there so you can remember every detail to the best of your ability … Wait a minute!

I’m going to help you with that! I have prepared a marriage retreat that you can do within your own budget and on your own time, and even in your own home if you want to. If you have the budget to go away for an entire weekend, then you can go away and have the time of your life!

If your budget is tighter or you just can’t get away for an entire weekend, then so be it! If you can’t get sitters for the weekend, then you can break it up and do it once a week or once a month …

BECAUSE IT’S FLEXIBLE  like that! The book is broken into 7 date nights so you can take your time, practice all the helpful information and soak it in. You have the flexibility to really start applying the concepts in the book between your date nights!

With my background in marriage counseling and relationship coaching, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s hard for people to do things we tell you to do because of time and money constraints, or even a lack of babysitters. So I’m going to help you out with some of that.

No, I’m not sending you on free trips or coming to babysit your kids … BUT … I’m making this retreat so flexible that those things won’t be much of an issue. And you’ll never guess what else!!

You can keep (and access) the retreat materials ANYTIME you need to!

It’s kind of like having me, accessible all the time … except it’s not like that at all.

On this retreat, Your marriage is going to be REFRESHED, RENEWED, and REVIVED. And then you are going to learn how to keep it that way by REPEATING.

Say it with me.


Did you say it?

The 8×11 Ebook is over 90 pages of wonderfulness. Well, to be perfectly honest, some of it may really challenge one of you or both of you, but that’s marriage. It’s time to face those challenges head-on! My prayer is that every couple that goes through this book, cover to cover, will gain the freedom they need to make their marriage last forever.

Each session (or date night) is interactive and engaging.

Topics include:


  • Date #1: Creating Brilliant Habits in the Name of Love (Love Languages & Habits)
  • Date #2: Let’s Talk it Out (Communication & Conflict Resolution)
  • Date #3: Getting to the Other Side of Forgiveness (Forgiveness & Moving On)
  • Date #4: Do What You Say You Will Do (Building Trust & Boundaries)
  • Date #5: Exploring Intimacy (Tapping into Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical Intimacy)
  • Date #6: Time for Some Fun! (Fun & Games)
  • Date #7: You are on a Marriage Mission (Creating a Marriage Mission)

Each session includes:


  • dinner plans
  • conversation starters
  • 1-2 teaching components
  • an interactive couple’s activity
  • homework challenge where you can actually apply what you are learning between the dates


Your Marriage Retreat Includes:


  • Over 10+ Sections of Teaching You Skills
  • An introduction and Prep Guide for each Date Night
  • Conversation Starters for Each Date Night
  • A weekend Scheduling Option
  • Workbook Pages throughout for each section’s Couple’s Activity and Homework
  • Bonus Resource List to keep you on track to have the marriage you desire
  • A downloadable or printable book that you can keep, print and go at your own pace


This ebook is full of conversations, activities, and homework that I used firsthand in my couple’s sessions to help them gain healing and move forward in their happily ever after.


And there’s a DIY Course that includes the E-Book too!

I also created a DIY BETA course version of Your Marriage Retreat: 7 Date Nights to a Thriving Marriage that includes everything above and videos by Coach Christi to walk you through each section! It is broken down into an easy to follow format and includes the E-book as well as all conversation starters, and individual workbook exercises in PDF form so everything is easy to print.

Get it now for only $47.

*This BETA version is simply the brand-spanking new version that is not entirely complete as it is. I am continually adding to this course. When it is finished, you will have access to everything in the complete form, but without the fancier price.

If you have any questions or want to set up a FREE 20-minute session, send me a little note!

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